Monday, April 6, 2009

New Cards

Jill & I had lots of fun this weekend designing some new cards. The one above is just adorable. Jill needed a card for her father in law (who just happens to be the very famous Don Leo Jonathon of wrestling fame. He was my husband's ABSOLUTE hero when he was a kid.... he just about fell off his chair when he found out that he was my best friend's father in law..... and then when he got to meet him in person.... well watching a 50 year old man star struck is pretty funny - especially if you knew Marc) Anywho...... so she designed the above card. I just love the "Worm Birthday Wishes"..... Her shading on the worm is ... fabulous!!!
We did two variations of this card, using Sookwang tape. This is really cool tape that you use with glitters. This was our first try and we weren't 100% happy with the results but they aren't too bad. The Mickey was done on the Cricut and each piece is cut out and then the whole thing is pasted together - that is NOT a sticker! He was lots of fun to put together and we vowed to use our Cricut's more in the future.
We also took a class today at "the store" and learned some really neat new stamping techniques. We used our beloved Copics in class and I might have bought one or two (or six) more.... I'm well over 100 now and Jill is hovering at the 100 mark..... they are our addiction - and hey, we could be smoking a pack a cigarettes a day... this is MUCH healthier.... :-)

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