Thursday, April 2, 2009

My National Championship Winners!

This is a picture from their team from last year (the one I owned) but I don't have another pictures of them in their new VAS uniforms so..... (to see them in their VAS uniforms, scroll down) Last weekend they competed at Sea To Sky International Cheer Championships and both of their teams took first place - thereby winning National Championships... I was so excited for them - they were just bursting. This was the third year that they competing at this event and have wanted those Championship sweaters sooooooooo bad! I haven't been able to get them out of them all weekk to wash them! Seven of VAS's teams won National titles at this competition. It's just the most awesome program out there! I'm very happy that my girls are members of this club!

They leave for All Level Worlds in LA a week today and are busy getting prepared for that trip. There are, I believe, 15 competitions taking place simutaneously in 15 different cities across the US next weekend, so the teams won't know their final standings for a few weeks. Video of each team will be gathered and then the final judging will be done at a central location for a World's winner in each age category and skill level. (My girls compete Junior Level 2 (Burt) and Senior Level 3 (Shanna) Burt is also an alternative for the Junior Level 5 team.

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