Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back From All Level Worlds

Well.... the girls got back from LA and All Level Worlds last night. Shanna's team took 3rd and Burt's team took 4th. Not bad considering the company they were in! I'm really proud of them. And Shanna competed injured - she burnt her toes on a hair straightener the night before competition. (four teenage girls in one hotel room - nuff said)

The girls left Thursday night. Burt competed Friday (as well as the Youth Elite Team), Shanna competed on Saturday (as well as the Senior Co-Ed team who took 1st place - way to go Reign!)

Saturday afternoon Burt and her friends went off to Hollywood to shop. Sunday both girls joined a bunch of other girls and took a stretch Hummer limo to Santa Monica to go to the beach and do more shopping.

They arrived home late last night, tired but excited with how much fun they had.

I made an important discovery upon their return - apparently neither of them are related to me by blood. They had the opportunity to go to Disneyland and neither went..... WHAT??????

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